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To all our Patients

WE'RE HIGH RISK. We must act cautiously and maintain COVID CONTROL MEASURES.

We are aware of the planned move to lifting the remaining Covid restrictions in England from the 19th of July.

Medical settings are a higher risk environment and will need to be subject to more control measures than other public facilities.

We are acting very cautiously and are maintaining:

  • PPE for healthcare staff

The delta variant is more transmissible and patients may come to the surgery when they are contagious.

It is our duty to do all we can to keep both our patients and our Staff safe whilst we deliver our care.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

Dr Ian Minay and Partners Dr Rajesh Bhateja  & Dr Catherine Causer

Face coverings can be purchased online from a variety of online retailers.  For guidance on how you make your own, please click here

If you feel you are unable to wear a mask for auditory/sensory/breathing reasons, you can download an exemption badge from www.gov.uk  for you to show if asked why you are not wearing one. Please note, it is NOT the responsibility or the role of the Practice to issue anyone with an exemption letter or certificate. 

Asthma UK also has some useful information https://www.asthma.org.uk/advice/triggers/coronavirus-covid-19/what-should-people-with-asthma-do-now/#Facemask


please WEAR a MASK or FACE COVERING when attending our practices

Watch the eConsult video for guidance on how to use

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