Clinics We Offer

Respiratory Clinic

Asthmatic & COPD patients should have regular reviews. We have respiratory clinics available where specialist Nurses can assess symptoms and discuss your medication with an aim to provide the best education and control over symptoms for our respiratory patients.

Diabetic Clinic

All our diabetic patients are encouraged to have regular checks both by a doctor and nurse specialists to help improve their control and reduce the risks of potential complications associated with diabetes. During these checks you will be advised on all aspects of diabetic care including medication and self-monitoring.

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Clinic

All patients diagnosed with or at risk of getting CHD will be called into our CHD Clinic for monitoring and review with all Clinics being held in conjunction with the doctors.

Minor Surgery

The Minor Surgery Service that we provide is undertaken by:

  • Dr I Minay

(Dependent on clinical availability at Southsea Medical Centre only)

All the surgery is undertaken under local anaesthetic without the need to stop or delay routine medication.

Most procedures would be expected to be undertaken in approximately 20-30 minutes.

In many cases there is no requirement for time off work apart from the procedure time.

Most patients would be expected to have sutures (stitches) inserted that would need removal in the future by our Practice Health Care Assistant. The length of time before sutures are removed can vary from 5 days on the face to 12 days on the back. These are guidelines and not the exact time the sutures need to stay in for.

Many patients will have additional butterfly stiches applied over the wound which will be covered by a dressing.

Most patients can shower as normal from the day after surgery. Soaking in a bath is not recommended as this increases infection risk.

Common skin complaints removable by minor surgery

  • Sebaceous cysts · Pedunculated papilloma · Pigmented lesions (but not cancerous ones)   
  • Haemangioma· Dermatofibroma· Lipoma

This list is not exhaustiveand many skin conditions are not able to be treated on the NHS as they may be classed as cosmetic. Your healthcare professional can give advice.

The common after effects of minor surgery include

  • A scar · Possible bleeding or bruising · Discomfort or pain at the operation site · Infection · Wound breakdown or delayed healing (usually associated with an infection)

The removed tissue may well be sent for pathological analysis; results often take 6-8 weeks to be available.

Cervical Screening

Cervical screening for women involve an examination of the cervix (neck of the womb) to check for changes which occur before cancer develops. We recommend that all women between 25-65 years of age should have a cervical smear every 3-5 years – as advised by the Department of Health, unless there is a medical reason for more frequent tests.

Patients will receive their result via post around 5 weeks after their test.


We work closely with a variety of providers of physiotherapy. The main physiotherapy provider in Portsmouth is the NHS Solent physio triage service. Where possible, patients that may require physiotherapy are booked in to the physio triage service directly to ensure they receive prompt treatment or advice.

Family Planning

All doctors offer advice about all methods of contraception. 

Solent NHS Trust has designed a brand new bespoke website – It is an innovative site, where users can access full sexual health service information including all walk-in clinic times. Their website has a 'Clinic Finder' button on the homepage to help find family planning and sexual health clinics in the local area. If you require a coil fitting, this should be arranged via

Emergency Contraception

All GPs provide this service and are happy to see patients who require this service at the next available appointment.

Maternity Services

The doctors provide full antenatal care during routine surgery times. We aim to provide, with our midwives, continuity of care throughout pregnancy and the post-natal period. Post-natal checks are done six weeks after delivery, and the baby is examined at that time prior to the first vaccination.

Child Health

All young children are offered checks at intervals to check on their children’s development, growth and physical health. A physical examination is carried out by the doctor at 6 weeks and at 8 months of age. Development checks at 8 months, 18-24 months and 39-48 months are carried out by the health visitor.

Learning Disabilities

We aim to offer all patients with learning disabilities a health check once a year. We are passionate about supporting our patients with learning disabilities and have a dedicated nurse who performs our learning disability health checks.

Vaccinations & Immunisations

Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

During the autumn and winter we run an Influenza Prevention Clinic. The flu vaccination is offered to people in at-risk groups. These people are at greater risk of developing serious complications if they catch flu, such as patients suffering from heart, chest or kidney disease, diabetes and any other chronic diseases. It is also recommended for pregnant women, the elderly and for residents of nursing and rest homes. Please contact reception staff in late September for details of the dates of our clinics.

Adult Immunisations

All adults should ensure that they have had a Tetanus and Polio Booster every ten years. We can offer the full range of travel immunisations. Please make an appointment with our Practice Nurse at least eight weeks before your travel date. A charge is payable for some travel vaccinations.

Childhood Immunisations

Many childhood diseases have been virtually eradicated in the UK due to the availability of vaccination. It is very important that all children are fully immunised. The GP, Practice Nurse or Health Visitor are always available to discuss any worries you may have about your child’s vaccinations.

Have you moved to the UK?

It's important to check that your vacinations are up to date. You are entitled to certain vaccinations, feee of charge. Please view the patient information leaflet here. If you are unsure wether your vacinations are up to date, please contact us to check.

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Hypertension Monitoring